DYNAMITE BOX Portable Guitar Amplifier

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DYNAMITE BOX Portable Guitar Amplifier from Justin Johnson's personal collection.

This portable solid-state guitar amp is built from a re-purposed Dynamite crate.  It can run on a single 9-volt battery, and has controls for volume, tone, and distortion.  If you want to save the batteries, you can plug it in with the included power cable.  There is also a headphone jack and an aux input, in case you want to hook it up to your mobile device, and play your tunes through the only amp "explosive" enough to handle your rad mixtape!
The volume and tone are surprisingly good, especially if you like a slightly fuzzy, lo-fi rock tone. This amp is as cool as it looks, and definitely a conversation piece!

 • Autograph and Autographed Certificate of Authenticity by request