The "Tasmanian Devil" 4-String Corrugated Metal Guitar

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"Tasmanian Devil" 4-String Corrugated Metal Guitar from Justin Johnson's personal collection. 
Justin has been playing this guitar since his 2014 Smoke & Mirrors Tour.  During the month that this tour was in Australia, Justin only played instruments that were built locally in Australia.  In Tasmania, he teamed up with Devil Guitars Tasmania, who built this insane, corrugated metal guitar.  Justin Played this guitar heavily during his Australian tour, and kept in on the road for years back in the US.  

The soundboard of this guitar is made from repurposed corrugated metal from Tasmania, and the neck, headstock neck, fretboard, and body are all made using local Tasmanian timber.  The soundboard is attached to the body using Coffin nails, and the tone and volume knobs are artfully sunken into the body right above the neck.  The single mini-humbucker pickup has a beautiful fat, warm tone... and the guitar plays like a dream.  

• This guitar comes with an Autographed Certificate of Authenticity
• Autographed by Justin Johnson on back of guitar