"The Time Machine" 6-string Cigar Box Bouzouki

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"The Time Machine" 6-string Cigar Box Bouzouki from Justin Johnson's personal collection.  
This one-of-a-kind cigar box guitar features exotic woods, intricate artistic embellishments, unique design, and a tone that will hypnotize you! 
Even though this guitar has six strings, they are designed to be strung in pairs, so it is tuned and played like a 3-string guitar (G-G-D-D-G-G).  There are 2 P-Bass pickups, a 3-way toggle switch, and tone & volume knobs.  The doubled strings sound huge and exotic.  The 2 strings vibrating together on each note creates a natural chorus effect, added sustain, and enhanced note clarity. 

This guitar is from Justin's personal collection.

• This guitar comes with an Autographed Certificate of Authenticity
• Autographed by Justin Johnson on back of guitar