"The Transformer" Aluminum Modular Guitar w/ Interchangeable Pickups

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"The Transformer" Aluminum Modular Guitar with Interchangeable Pickups from Justin Johnson's personal collection.  

If you want a guitar that will always drop jaws in a room, then you gotta pull out the big guns! 
This modular beast has the ability to transform body shapes and swap pickups in seconds.  It comes with 2 body styles, and 5 interchangeable pickup modules to give you endless tonal options.  The pickups are controlled by a 6-way toggle switch (which taps into the full functionality of each module), a tone knob, and a volume knob.  

The pickup cartridges are changed by inserting your thumb and finger into the two holes on the rear of the housing, gently squeezing the triggers, and pulling the cartridge out.  Reverse the steps to install the next cartridge.  

Pickup Cartridges Included:
• Modern Humbucker
• Vintage Humbucker
• Modern Single-Coil
• Strat 3-Pickup Setup
• Tele 2-Pickup Setup

Custom Flight Case Included

This guitar is a prototype of this Modular pickup system, and this guitar was built specifically for Justin to test.  It's made completely from aluminum (other than the wooden neck).  Justin filmed several videos and livestreams with this guitar.  Justin also recorded the award-winning score to John Carter Cash's short film "Dragon Song" with this guitar.  All of the electric guitar heard in the Dragon Song score was recorded with this guitar.  (VIDEO BELOW)

• This guitar comes with an Autographed Certificate of Authenticity
• Autographed by Justin Johnson on back of guitar