"3-String Guitar" Guitar Lesson Video Course - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

"3-String Guitar" Guitar Lesson Video Course - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Download lesson files to your computer, and easily transfer to your mobile device.  

The 3-string guitar is the quintessential DIY guitar design, and the perfect instrument for players who want to pick up a guitar and start playing songs right away.  This course is a comprehensive introduction to the 3-String guitar, covering tuning, picking techniques, and reading & playing chord progressions.  It also offers an introduction to slide guitar techniques.

•Opening Credits
•Intro to the 3-String
•How to Hold the 3-String
•Flatpicking vs. Fingerpicking
•How to Hold the Guitar Pick
•Play Anything with One Finger
•Simplifying Chords
•“House of the Rising Sun” One-Finger Arrangement
•Tips to Barring Chords
•“House of the Rising Sun” ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ Arrangement
•Adding Dynamics & Vibrato
•“Amazing Grace” Chord/Melody Arrangement
•Pull-Off Technique
•Adding Harmonics
•“You Gotta Move” 
•Slide Guitar
•Slide Vibrato
•Palm Muting
•Rhythm/Lead Fingerpicking