"4-String Guitar" Guitar Lesson Video Course - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

"4-String Guitar" Guitar Lesson Video Course - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - Download lesson files to your computer, and easily transfer to your mobile device.  

Nothing sounds Bluesier than the mournful wail of the Slide Guitar, whether from the smokey sounds of early Chicago Blues, or the back-porch scratch of a Delta Bluesman.  This Instructional Video Series covers the tunings, techniques and trade secrets to Justin Johnson's innovative Slide Guitar technique for the 4-String Guitar.


Chapter 1  
•Intro to Slide Guitar
•Choosing a Guitar Slide
•How To Hold the Slide
•Tunings for Slide Guitar
Chapter 2  
•“Riff in the Style of Muddy Waters” 
•4-String Tuning Pattern #1
•Slide Guitar Basics
•Blues Vibrato Technique
Chapter 3  
•“Blues in the Style of Elmore James” 
•4-String Tuning Pattern #2
•Blues Inflections
•Classic Blues Riffs


•Video Guide - Tunings for the 4-String Guitar

•Video Tutorial - "Dust My Broom" for 4-String and 3-String Guitar