"Gone Fishin'" 3-String Tackle Box Guitar

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"Gone Fishin'" 3-String Tackle Box Guitar from Justin Johnson's personal collection.  
This one's definitely something you don't see everyday!  The body of this 3-string guitar is constructed from a vintage steel fishing tackle box, and numerous fishing items have been ingeniously worked into the design.  The bridge is made from a fishing lure, the nut is the shaft from a wooden float, the fretboard is carved to resemble a fish, and the fretboard had a burned "JJ" fishhook design. 
This guitar has an internal disc piezo pickup, and can be plugged into any guitar amp.  The tone is very rootsy and sounds like a vintage AM radio.  

Perfect for those rainy days when you can't get to the waterin' hole but just can't get it out of your mind. 

• Autographed by Justin on back of Guitar
• Autographed Certificate of Authenticity