JJ Sticker Bundle

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Prove to everyone who drives behind you that you do, indeed, have better taste in music than them!  

Not only does this collection of 8 (count-em... 8!) Justin Johnson Stickers look amazing, but there are so many awesome uses for 'em!  You can put 'em on your guitar case, imparting mystical mojo powers that will increase your shredding potential 10-fold... or at least make you look cool while you practice!  You can cover up dents on your golf cart!... apply medical gauze in style!... Slap one on your t-shirt for a last-minute Halloween costume... the list goes on! 😁

These stickers are high-quality UV Laminated Polypropylene, rated for indoor, outdoor, and dive-bar-bathroom-stall use.  

Approximate sizes: 4" x 4" and 3" x 5"