"Ole Lefty" Serial #23 Left-Hand Shovel Guitar

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"Ole Lefty" Serial #23 JJ Signature Shovel Guitar from Justin Johnson's personal collection.
This is one of the first Justin Johnson Signature 3-String Shovel Guitars ever made (#23 to be exact), and was built as a reward for the Kickstarter Campaign that funded his "Drivin' it Down" Album back in 2016. 
This is a rare left-handed model (although it can easily be strung right-handed.)  

To add to the collectability, it's still in it's original "Can You Dig It" box.  The very first Justin Johnson Signature Shovel Guitars that were built in 2016 were all shipped out in these boxes, which were hand spray-painted using this stencil. Rootsy AF!

The guitar is strung with the A, D, & G strings from a standard 6-string pack and tuned to Open G (G-D-G)

• This guitar comes with an Autographed Certificate of Authenticity
• Autographed by Justin Johnson on back of guitar