6-String Guitar Lesson Bundle - 6 In-Depth Video Courses by Justin Johnson

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6 In-Depth Courses with On-Screen Tablature    

Complete Set of 6 Video Courses on 6-String Guitar!


"Fingerpicking Foundations"

Whether you are a total beginner, or just want to brush up on the foundational techniques of fingerpicking, this course has got you covered.  Justin Johnson breaks down the key elements that help you improve your fingerpicking quickly using a combination of song walkthroughs, warm-up exercises, detailed explanations, and in-screen tablature.  This video course is designed to save you years of fingerpicking practice.  Duration - 52 min

"Intermediate Fingerpicking" 

“Intermediate Fingerpicking” picks up right where Justin Johnson’s “Fingerpicking Foundations” course leaves off.  This video course will take you through a series of carefully composed song walkthroughs, designed to introduce you to increasingly more challenging and intricate fingerpicking techniques.  If you have learned the basics, then “Intermediate Fingerpicking” will take your playing to the next level.  Duration - 58 min

"Slide Guitar Foundations"
If you want to fast-track your slide guitar progress, the best way to do it is to master the foundational techniques from the ground up.  In this course, Justin Johnson teaches everything from anchoring, muting, and vibrato techniques, to age-old secrets to developing a bluesy and soulful touch with the guitar slide.   This course is perfect for total beginners, as well as experienced players who want to strengthen their foundational knowledge and weed out bad habits.  Duration - 67 min  

"Intermediate Slide Guitar"
This course is designed to flesh out and tighten up your slide guitar technique, taking you from intermediate into advanced level playing.  You’ll learn Open Tunings, Delta Blues techniques, percussive techniques, advanced muting, anchoring, and much more.  If you are familiar with basic slide guitar, but ready to take your playing to the next level, then dig into “Intermediate Slide Guitar.”  Duration - 52 min

"Hill Country Blues" 

Get back to your roots, and dig into the heart of blues guitar.  In Justin Johnson’s “Hill Country Blues” video course, you’ll learn everything from creating a “whole band sound” on guitar, to proven strategies and techniques for improvising your own guitar solos.  Justin uses in-depth song walkthroughs to teach you the inflections, riffs, and thought-process to master Hill Country Blues guitar.  Duration - 62 min

"One-Minute Riffs: Volume 1" 

"One-Minute Riffs: Volume 1” is a collection of musical lessons by Justin Johnson that will teach you a wealth of essential guitar techniques without you even knowing it!  Each of the 30 riffs in this lesson series is so easy that you can learn it in one minute.  However, you will also get valuable instruction on how to master these riffs, and then take them to the next level by applying them musically to your own style, arrangements, and performances.  Duration - 63 min