GUITAR PICKUP: Justin Johnson Signature Low-Profile Pickup

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The Justin Johnson Signature Pickup is the secret weapon to getting big, fat, soulful electric guitar tone from your acoustic or resonator guitar.  Even better, you can slide this low-profile humbucker pickup right under the strings and install it without cutting or drilling any holes in your guitar. 

Check out this video for a comprehensive introduction to the Justin Johnson Signature Low-Profile Humbucker pickup, complete with detailed installation instructions:



WIDTH: 2 3/4"

LENGTH: 1 5/8"

* Measure carefully before ordering to ensure that the pickup can fit underneath the strings on your specific guitar. The Justin Johnson Signature Pickup (with adhesive backing) measures 5/16" high off the top of the guitar once installed. It is important that you have sufficient string clearance above 5/16", even when the top fret on your guitar is fretted, or the string may contact the pickup cover. **Carefully measure the string clearance before ordering to avoid a 30% re-stocking fee if the pickup is returned.