RING SLIDE: JJ Signature Tungsten Ring Slide

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**PLEASE NOTE: Our Initial run sold out within days, so in order to re-stock as quickly as possible, the sizes REGULAR and LARGE that we currently have in stock are UNBRANDED and DO NOT HAVE THE ETCHED JJ LOGO. If ordering Regular or Large and you prefer for it to have the etched JJ logo, please contact us (contact@justinjohnsonlive.com) to reserve one on backorder. 

A new style of slide guitar!
Traditional guitar slides cover one finger, allowing you to use that finger to slide along the guitar strings to play the notes "between the frets," and create more vocal, bluesy inflections. In order to fret notes while wearing a traditional slide, you learn to play with 3 fingers as opposed to all 4, because that one finger is dedicated to the guitar slide.

The beauty of the JJ Signature Slide Ring is that it only covers the middle section of the middle finger, leaving the fingertip still available to fret normally! This allows you to employ slide guitar techniques whenever you want, without sacrificing the use of all 4 fingers for fretting.. it's the best of both worlds!

Thanks to this innovative slide ring, you can play four-finger chords, four-finger scales, bar with your pinky and ring finger, but still have the option to slide whenever you want! The spring-fit design assures comfort and stability. Plus, the added mass of Tungsten steel means that you get the tone of a full-sized slide packed into the versatility of a slide ring.

If you’re a beginner, the JJ Signature Slide Ring is the perfect first slide and an incredible gateway into the world of slide guitar. If you’re a pro, the JJ Signature Slide Ring is an essential addition to your tool chest that will unlock a myriad of new creative possibilities.

The traditions of slide guitar are beautiful and expressive because they explore the spaces between the notes and allow guitar players to break out of the confines of the frets. With the JJ Signature Slide Ring, you can journey freely between these worlds, without being locked into either style. You can switch between regular guitar and slide guitar whenever you feel the urge!

Made with Tungsten Steel
Tungsten Steel is very dense which results in a fantastic tone and sustain for slide guitar. Almost as hard as diamond, Tungsten steel is highly resistant to abrasion, which will keep your tone sounding smooth and glassy. Finally, you can achieve the sound and vocal sustain of a full-sized slide in a compact slide ring!


The JJ Signature Slide Ring comes in 3 sizes to accommodate different finger sizes. Inside of each Ring Slide is a small spring-loaded paddle, with holds the ring securely in place on the finger (note that the correct placement is the middle section of the middle finger). This spring-loaded paddle also makes it so that each size ring slide will accommodate a wide range of finger sizes, with the REGULAR SIZE accommodating most players the best.  If the player's fingers are very narrow (or for children) the SMALL SIZE may fit best, while those with thicker fingers may find the LARGE SIZE a better fit, so please be sure to use the measurements below to make sure to get the right fit for you.

Ring Size: 0-7
Circumference: 0-57mm

Ring Size: 0-9.5
Circumference: 0-66mm

Ring Size 0-12
Circumference: 0-80mm

If you would prefer to measure your finger to find out which slide to order, please refer to the below instructions:

1) take a piece of string and wrap it around the middle segment of your middle finger.
2) stretch out the piece of string and measure how long it is. This will give you the circumference of the middle segment of your middle finger.
3) Refer to the chart below to pick the size that’s best for your finger.  

Small: Smaller than 2 1/4 inches (57mm) 
Regular: Any finger size up to 2 5/8 inch (66mm)
LargeLarger than 2 5/8 inches (66mm) and up to 3 1/8" (80mm)

How to wear your JJ Signature Slide Ring:
In order to get the maximum versatility from your JJ Signature Slide Ring, place the ring on the mid-bone of your middle finger (between the two finger knuckles of your middle finger). This may, at first, seem unnatural if you are used to playing the slide with your ring or pinky finger, but this positioning allows you to use all 4 fingers to barre, fret, bend, etc... all while keeping the ring slide out of your way.