Justin Johnson Signature Ceramic Guitar Slide

Justin Johnson Signature Ceramic Guitar Slide

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The Justin Johnson Signature Ceramic Guitar Slide - THE PERFECT FUSION OF EARTH AND FIRE! 

Designed from the ground up to be the strongest, most comfortable, and most resonant ceramic slide possible, this porcelain stoneware guitar slide rocks the perfect combo of art and science, designed to give you the best slide guitar playing experience you've ever had.  Through a collaboration between Justin Johnson and Jim Dunlop, the new Justin Johnson Signature Guitar Slide features a proprietary combination of porcelain stoneware core and a specifically formulated glaze, which combine to impart a bell-like resonance and tonal quality that no other slide in the world possesses.  Combine that with the light-weight ease of playing you get from the porcelain core and the un-glazed inner cylinder, which absorbs sweat and grips your finger, and you have a slide that sings with soul and feels so comfortable, you’d swear it was a part of your body.  

The Justin Johnson Signature Guitar Slide ships worldwide and comes in three sizes to accommodate to different hand shapes and playing styles. 

Please use the below size reference to accurately gauge which slide size is right for you. 

LARGE: Inner Diameter: 7/8 in = 22.2mm
MEDIUM: Inner Diameter: 3/4 in =  19 mm

SMALL: Inner Diameter: 11/16 in =  17.5 mm

Length: 2.75 in = 70 mm