Signature Series Drink Koozie

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Everyone knows that the more you drink, the better your guitar solos sound!  The best way to keep your drinks cold & ready is with one of these Justin Johnson Signature Drink Koozies, that keep your drinks cold, your hands warm & dry, and your style quotient at an all-time high!  It fits all standard 12 ounce cans, many bottles, & even pint glasses.. so, pretty much everything you drink from. And since it's collapsible, it's handy to store any place you might need one...workshop drawer, guitar case/gig bag, tackle box, glove box.. It's ready when you are! 
*Holding cold drinks without proper thermal barrier lowers the temperature of your fingers, thereby decreasing dexterity, and making your guitar solos sluggish and lame!  Invest in a Justin Johnson Signature Drink Koozie to gain the competitive edge you need to smoke the competition at next week's Blues jam! It's almost as good as practicing!