"Slide Technique for 3-String Guitar" Guitar Lesson DVD Course

"Slide Technique for 3-String Guitar" Guitar Lesson DVD Course

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DVD Course with On-Screen Tablature  

3-string guitars are often fretless, which means that in order to play chords and melodies, the player must use a finger slide to change pitch and add inflection.  This 3-String Slide Guitar DVD will cover tunings, songs, riffs, beginner and intermediate slide guitar techniques, rhythms, and road-tested methods to mastering these instruments and developing slide guitar technique the same way many of the most famous and prolific musicians of all time did.

•Getting Started with the Guitar Slide
•Open G Tuning
•How to Hold the Guitar
•Slide Guitar Basics 
•Controlling the Slide
•Playing In Tune
•Rhythm Strumming
•Strumming with a Guitar Pick
•Strumming with your Fingers
•Chord/Melody Style Arrangement on Slide
•Playing with the tip of the Slide
•Vibrato on Slide Guitar
•Mississippi Hill Country Blues Style
•Blues Fingerpicking with Slide
•Blues Inflections
•Open A Tuning
•Delta Blues Style Guitar Slide