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"The Biscuit House" 
From the deep foot-stompin' John Lee Hooker-inspired boogie vibe of "Beelzebub's Biscuit House," to the fiery hypnotic charge of "Before You Go Pt. 2," which conjures images of The Doors and Santana during extended energetic live jams, "The Biscuit House" takes you back to the pure touchstones of vintage rock n' roll, when it's roots were still firmly planted in the Mississippi Delta. 

There is only one way to get the true, inspired sound of analog Rock n' Roll... and that is to approach it, perform it, and record it in the same ways that musicians and engineers did in the past.  Much love and meticulous attention was paid to every detail of the production of "The Biscuit House" to ensure that the raw collective energy and spontaneity of each track was accentuated, creating a timeless listening experience, like listening to your favorite old-school album.. but for the first time. 

 "The Biscuit House" features a legendary lineup of talent.
Will Lee is one of the world's most prolific bass players, performing with everyone from James Brown and B.B King, to Miles Davis and Sting.  Will is probably best known for being the bassist on The Late Show with David Letterman for over 30 years. On "The Biscuit House," Will Lee cranks his Sadowski bass through a Marshall Stack and summons the low-frequency power, attitude, and grit of bands like Led Zeppelin and Cream.  

Rick Lonow's hybrid of Hard Rock power, Juke Joint grease, and New Orleans swagger create grooves so deep, you'll need to call your uncle to tow you out of them! Lonow's performances on "The Biscuit House" glue the band together, while punctuating the intensity and accents of the group. 

The explosive howl of the B3 organ, vibrant textures of the Fender Rhodes, and haunting coo of the Wurlitzer are perfectly summoned by Mike Webb.  The keyboard sounds on "The Biscuit House," jump effortlessly between gloriously overdriven Fender Rhodes on "Six Of One", and the sinister shadows the vintage Wurlitzer casts over the swampy tones of "Ghost of the Mountain."  

If "The Biscuit House" is a tribal dance around the fire, then Justin Johnson's guitar is the witch doctor leading the ritual. The alchemy of tones and textures that pour from Johnson's guitars lead you down a path that started in the field songs and juke joints along the Mississippi River, crossed the ocean during the British Invasion, and traveled to Mars and back on a psychedelic mothership. Songs like "Beelzebub's Biscuit House" marry the throbbing pulse of Hill Country Blues & old-school boogie blues, with the angst and electricity of 70's Rock like Zeppelin or Steppenwolf. 

The track "Ghost of the Mountain," takes the bottleneck slide guitar and resonator tones and techniques of early Delta Blues, smothers them in a swampy fog of spring reverb and tape echo, and tangles itself in hauntingly gothic melodies.

If you're craving some pipin' hot, greasy, soulful, rock & blues... Then "The Biscuit House" is servin' it up fresh, baby!" 

01) Beelzebubs Biscuit House
02) Six Of One
03) Baby, Leave Your Light On
04) Blacktop Horizon
05) Either Way You Want To Do It
06) Ghost of the Mountain
07) Swamp Stomp
08) Journey to Nowhere
09) Before You Go Pt 1

10) Before You Go Pt 2
11) Soul of a Man