“Turquoise Trail: Soundtrack for a Western" Double Album (2 LP VINYL SET) SIGNED

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This limited edition turquoise colored double-vinyl album set is hand-signed by Justin Johnson. Each double-vinyl set also comes with a digital download card, so that you can transfer the songs to your computer and mobile device for easy listening while you're on the go.  

Turquoise Trail: Soundtrack for a Western is a no holds barred auditory journey, written and performed as a sensory immersive soundtrack for a Western movie adventure. 
This collection of fresh originals and classic western songs will conjure the images of fast-paced horse chases, drunken nights in the saloon, fireside serenades, and dramatic high-noon showdowns. Think Robert Rodriguez score from your fave Tarantino flick! 


1. Turquoise Trail
2. Black Heart of Gold
3. Pistolero
4. Vision   
5. Sunrise Prayer
6. Ojo Caliente   
7. After the Melt
8. Wind
9. El Paso
10. Lights Out (Last Call)
11. Vaya con Dios   

12. Call of the Road
13. Showdown at High Noon
14. Arroyo
15. 5 Horse Getaway
16. St. James Hospital
17. Vision No. 2
18. Malaguena
19. Iron and Arsenic
20. Ghost Riders in the Sky
21. Fireside Reverie
22. Roll Credits